Lance Albertson, trumpet

Lance has been playing trumpet since he was in the 5th grade. In his hometown of Hiawatha, Kansas he was often remembered as “that awesome trumpet player we have”. Throughout his musical career he’s had an affinity for Jazz and its roots while none of his family have a music bone in their body. While attending Kansas State University, he played in all three big bands including the top notch Concert Jazz Ensemble. He also performed in the Latin Jazz Ensemble for a couple of years while at K-State.

Lance enjoys listening to a variety of jazz artists including Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie, Freddie Hubbard, Chick Corea, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Lee Morgan. He enjoys bebop styles of jazz along with new age/fusion. You can generally catch him listening to KMHD on a daily basis.

Doug Meyers, guitar

A toy guitar sitting in a youngster’s room might blend in with the mess and go unnoticed. But as an 8-year-old, Doug Meyers picked up that plastic Emenee guitar purchased through Sears-Roebuck and couldn’t put it down. He recalled feeling an attraction to the way it felt in his hands as he strummed nonsense chords and sang improvised songs. At that young age he was not cognitive enough to comprehend just how significant his musical proclivity was to shape his future.

By the time he was 15 Doug’s interest in guitarmanship had deepened to the point where music theory and classical guitar technique consumed his time. Although growing up in Southern California, the Bay Area’s vibrant music scene intensified Doug’s musical influence as he was constantly exposed to Tower of Power, Cold Blood, Azteca and Santana as well as Jimi Hendrix. Doug’s first concert experience was catching a triple bill show with Albert Collins, Willie Dixon and Jimmy Witherspoon whose guitarist was Robben Ford.

At Disneyland he would catch world famous drummer Buddy Rich and his Big Band in concert and shaking hands with the drummer was an experience Doug still holds with great esteem. For all of his musical anecdotes Doug never had the opportunity to actively perform until he was asked to join The Infallible Collective a fact that seems difficult to believe upon observing and hearing his effortless technique and fearless improvisation.

Doug’s vast knowledge of music theory, scales, chord progressions and transcription may lead one to believe that he holds a music degree. But aside from occasional lessons, his natural abilities stem from his own voracious self-taught ventures, proving that an educational investment need not always be monetarily gained.

Listening to other musicians is an education in itself and Doug’s list of influential players reads like a who’s who of guitar celebrities: Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Robert Fripp, Scott Henderson, Mike Stern, Robben Ford, Les Paul, Chet Atkins, George Benson, Wayne Krantz, Larry Carlton, Wes Montgomery ad infinitum. Doug is thankful from the support he receives from his wife Julie, his dog and three cats.

w.g. davies, bass

Multi-instrumentalist w.g. “Malkiel” davies began playing piano at age 3 and picked up the bass on a lark during engineering college. He quickly developed an affinity for low audio frequencies and pushing large volumes of air with single notes. Malkiel began playing electric fretless bass for a variety of rock, blues, folk, and other bands as well as playing bass and piano up and down the west coast. Malkiel began playing upright bass to capture and convey the warmth and depth only available through such long strings over a smooth, curved fingerboard….

Malkiel enjoys all forms of jazz but is particularly keen on ’50s and ’60s style bebop, cool, latin, and similar styles of the era. He is enjoying his opportunity to up the ante with The Infallible Collective.

Corbin Simpson

Corbin Simpson (born April 28, 1988) is, among other things, a skilled pianist specializing in such diverse genres as swing, fusion, Romantic, prog, and death metal. He has been playing music since the age of five.  His style draws upon, among many others, keyboardists Chick Corea, Jordan Rudess, and Page McConnell, and guitarists John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Jerry Garcia, and Carlos Santana.

Corbin’s style is characterized by a unique mixture of leggero passages containing many notes, and heavily syncopated, rhythmic grooves. He is known for his eclectic selection of songs, covering video game compositions, Dream Theater, Metallica, as well as various jazz standards.