Check out some audio from our new CD Feeling Infallible! You can hear more samples, purchase individual songs or the entire album online at iTunes,, and Spotify, amongst others!

Track listing:

  1. Doctor Cratchett’s Ratchet
    [07:18] by Van Walk & The Infallible Collective
  2. Caravan
    [10:53] by Duke Ellington
  3. Bimbos Driving White SUVs
    [10:33] by Van Walk & The Infallible Collective
  4. Julie’s Calm
    [07:16] by Doug Meyers & The Infallible Collective
  5. Blue Bossa
    [07:18] by Kenny Dorham
  6. Footprints
    [07:42] by Wayne Shorter
  7. Conversation With Catherine
    [09:01] by w.g.davies with Corbin Simpson & The Infallible Collective
  8. Nutville
    [06:17] by Horace Silver

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